How to increase the number of retention days or period of the Audit Information?

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    - Why the Control-M Reporting Facility does not provide the audit activities of all dates selection for the audit report?
    - Why is the Control-M Audit Report only records 7 days of activities?
    - What is the default retention days or period for Audit Information

    Applies to:
    - All versions of Control-M Enterprise Manager



    Legacy ID:KA431216


    - The Retention Days or Period for the Audit Information is defaulted at 7 days.

    To increase the Audit Information Retention Days or Period, do the following:
    - Launch CCM
    - Select Tools > System Configuration > Control-M EM System Parameters
    - Click on the "Audit and Annotation" on the left panel of the "Control-M EM - System Paramters" window
    - Update the "Days to retain audit information"
    - Click on the "Activate Changes"

    If the "Activate Changes" icon is not highlighted after updating the value, please uncheck the "Enable automatic cleanup" checkbox and enable it again.

    Additional Information:
    - If the Control-M Enterprise Manager is lower than V8 Fix Pack 7, do install Control-M Enterprise Manager V8.0.700
    - This Fix Pack resolved CAR00046125: Audit reports - Annotation is not written on Definition detailed audit operation

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