How can I get all cyclic jobs start and end times using the Reporting Facility?

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    How can I get all cyclic jobs start and end times using the reporting facility. When trying to do this via the Reporting Facility you will only get the times of the last time the job was executed.




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      If you have purchased and are using CONTROL-M/Forecast ( this is NOT including CONTROL-M/EM, you need to purchase it. ), it will give you three new types of reports, and one of them, the "Workload" report allows you to get the start/end time of a specific job. (if it's cyclic or not, does not matter) 
      If you have CTM/Forecast, you can do the following in the Reporting Facility:  
      File --> New --> Select "Create Report Using Report Wizard" (that's the default) --> locate the Report Type "Workload" and double click on it's icon 
      (1)In the General tab:  
    give it a report title and if you want a description.   
    Then press Next. 
      (2)In the Filters tab:  
    In Time Period select Today, Yesterday or a Specific date you want to report on.  
    In Fields Filter select Orderid= <enter the order id> Or  
    Job/Member Name = <enter jobname>  
    If you want, you can add more fields to filter by. The operand between fields is AND.  
    i.e. JOBNAME=A AND ORDERID=00abc.  
    Then press Next. 
      (3)In the Fields tab:  
    Select the fields you want to be displayed in the report, there order and number of characters for each field.  
    For example:  
    CONTROL-M Name  
    Job/Member Name  
    Rerun Counter  
    Start Time  
    End Time  
    Then press Next. 
      (4)In the Grouping tab:  
    Select the field to group by or leave empty.   
    Then press Next. 
      (5)In the Sorting tab:  
    Select the field to sort by or leave empty.   
    Then press Next.   
    For example: Sort By "Start Time". 
      (6)In the style tab:  
    Select the style of the report.   
    Then press Next. 
      (7)In the Summary tab:  
    If you will want to run the same report again so enter a template name and select "save report as template".   
    Then press Finish button and you will get the report showing the runs for that job. 
      If you don't have CTM/Forecast you can use the ctmruninf utility on CTM/Server to display the last 20 runs of the job. 
      For example, on CTM/Server run:  
      ctmruninf -list "*" -ORDERID <order id>  
      ctmruninf -list "*" -JOBNAME <jobname> 
      Please see the Control-M/Server Administration guide for more details on how to use ctmruninf utility. 
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