How to configure Control-M/Server to make the DO REMEDY function work when using Remedy Forms of an older Version with a newer Remedy Server Version (e.g. Remedy Forms 6.0 (ITSM 6.0) with Remedy Server 7.0).

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    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    The Control-M/Server Version 6.4.01 stores all Remedy parameters in the RemedyConf.xml, which contains two sections with standard definitions:

       - Remedy Server 6: Contains the definition of the fields in Remedy Form Version 6.0 which are used when connecting to the Remedy Server  
       - Remedy Server 7: Contains the definition of the fields in Remedy Form Version 7.0 which are used when connecting to the Remedy Server  
       The official product documentation assumes that the Remedy Server Version equals to the Remedy Form Version, which may not be the case for all environments:  
       It is possible (and supported by BMC Software) e.g. to use a Remedy Server Version 7.0 with Remedy Form Version 6.0 (ITSM 6.0).  
       Using such configuration without any modification of the RemedyConf.xml file will cause the DO REMEDY function to fail and will show messages similar to:  
       in the Sysout:  
       26/11/2009 14:58:21 UT5274 CANNOT CREATE REMEDY TICKET  
       and in the Debug Log files:  
       1126 14:58:21.32 CTM_REMEDY_create_ticket:CreateEntry completed unsuccessfully  
       1126 14:58:21.37 CTM_REMEDY_create_ticket:CreateEntry completed with Errors  
       1126 14:58:21.39 CTM_REMEDY_create_ticket:CreateEntry message number 102  
       1126 14:58:21.40 Message Text 'Cannot open catalog; Message number = 102'  
       1126 14:58:21.40 Failed while creating ticket  
       The following is happening:  
       1. Control-M/Server detects that a Remedy Server Version 7 is detected  
       2. Then refers to the Remedy 7 section of the RemedyConf.xml file  
       3. It will use then the standard definitions for Remedy Form Field of Version 7 (where in fact the Remedy Form Field of Version 6 should have been used)  
       4. Control-M/Server detects a mismatch of the Form Fields and aborts the DO REMEDY with messages like listed above  



    Legacy ID:KA316751

      Follow the steps below to resolve this problem:
      1) Identify the exact Remedy Server Version and Remedy Form Fields used within the environment
          2) On the Remedy Server identify all the Mandatory Fields (e.g. Field IDs, Field Names etc.) required to open an Remedy Incident Ticket for your Remedy Form Version
          3) Locate and open the RemedyConf.xml file
          Environment                Windows                                                UNIX
          CONTROL-EM             <EM home>\data\REMEDY                 <EM home>/appl/ecs/cli/data/REMEDY
          CONTROL-M               <CTM server home>\data\REMEDY   <CTM server home>/data/REMEDY
      4) Within the RemedyConf.xml file go to the Remedy Server section for your Remedy Server Version (in the example above Remedy 7)
      5) Modify all the XML Definitions with the information gathered from step 2.  Note:    If you are using the Default Form Fields of Form Version 6.0, you could simply copy the section under Remedy 6 to the section Remedy 7 within the RemedyConf.xml file.
      6) Then try to open a Ticket with the ctmremedy Utility by using the following Syntax:    ctmremedy -TEST <Summary> <Description> <Urgency> -DEBUG <debug value>]     

      Note: The –TEST flag is very important. If you don’t include it, then you must have a DO REMEDY statement defined within the individual job definition.


    7) If the ctmremedy fails to open the Remedy ticket, review the Log files in the proclog directory of the CONTROL-M/Server.


        It may show you the reason (e.g. like a missing mandatory field which was not defined in the RemedyConf.xml file) for the failure.

      Please consult your Remedy Server Administrator for assistance.
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