Where can I find the Control-M Database Schema diagram and the Control-M Port diagram? (INCLUDES VIDEO)

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    All versions of Control-M/Enterprise Manager All versions of Control-M/Server UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    I would like to know more about Control-M Enterprise Manager and Control-M Server Database, Tables and Columns etc.
    Where can I download the latest Control-M Database Schema and Port Diagrams?



    The following video demonstrates this solution:

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    - The Control-M DB Schema's and Port Diagrams can be found on the BMC FTP server ftp.bmc.com
    - Directory: /pub/control-m/opensystem/DB_Schemas

    Below are two options to o download the Control-M Database Schema from the BMC FTP Site:

    Option 1:  Connect to BMC FTP server from Internet Browser
    1. Open an Internet Browser
    2. Open the page:  ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/control-m/opensystem/DB_Schemas/
    3. Click the desired version and navigate to the location
    4. Download the schema and/or port diagram.

    Option 2: Connect to BMC FTP server from command console
    1. Open a windows command prompt.
    2. Execute "ftp ftp.bmc.com"
    3. Log in as "anonymous" and use your e-mail as your password.
    4. Navigate to the directory by executing the command:   cd pub/control-m/opensystem/DB_Schemas
    5. List all the Database Schema available for download, execute: ls
    6. Navigate to the required directory using the cd command.  For example, "cd 800_ERDs"
    7. Change to binary mode, by executing: bin
    8. Change to hash mode to ensure the downloading is progressing, by executing: hash
    9. Download the chosen file(s), using the get or mget command
    For example:  get BMC_Control-M_Workload_Automation_DB_Posters_v8.zip


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