What is the purpose of the MainView CASPERM Registry dataset?

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    MainView Infrastructure


    MainView Infrastructure


    What is the purpose of the MainView CASPERM Registry dataset?


    The MainView CASPERM registry is a Runtime Component System (RTCS) product registry that stores MainView object definitions (such as dynamic threshold definitions). One CASPERM registry is required for each Coordinating Address space (CAS) in your MainView environment.
    A CASPERM registry cannot be shared by multiple CASs.

    A CASPERM registry data set is normally allocated for the local CAS during installation, as part of the OZI Customization process. If the CASPERM registry was not created during customization, or you need to create a registry for another CAS in the sysplex, you can use:
    - Member BBMCASPR in the BBSAMP sample library. For further details, see the MainView Customization Reference manual.
    - CASPERM views on the system where you want to create a registry

    Please refer to the MainView Administration Guide for further details on managing the CASPERM Registry including information on how to:
    - Create a CASPERM registry data set dynamically
    - Enable or disable a CASPERM registry
    - Change a registry data set name

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