EUEM - Real End User Experience Monitoring Cloud Probe Only Captures Data When tcpdump Command is Running

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    BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring - Software Edition


    Cloud Probe


    BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring - Software Edition Cloud Probe


    Real End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) Cloud Probe is installed on the same server as the EUEM Collector. This Cloud Probe is receiving data from VMWare vSwitch.
    After a restart of the components the Cloud Probe is not capturing any traffic from the vSwitch; It has been found that running "tcpdump" command to see the traffic coming to the server, the Cloud Probe captured again, but when the "tcpdump" is stopped, the Cloud Probe stops the capture.



    The network interface the Cloud Probe is configured to listen in that particular use case needs to be set in promiscuous mode.
    It has been used "ifconfig" to set this mode on. But this is not reboot persistent and after the reboot, the promiscuous mode was off by default. 
    Using "ifconfig" again solved this issue.

    Since CentOS and Red Hat are no longer supporting the PROMISC flag in "/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethx" configuration file, one would need to use systemd service rc-local to make this setting reboot persistent.

    First make sure a correct "/etc/systemd/system/rc-local.service" configuration file exist. Enable it with "systemctl enable rc-local.service". In the "/etc/rc.local" file (or the symlink it refers too) add the following command: "ip link set eth0 promisc on"

    On Ubuntu servers, editing the "/etc/network/interfaces" file should be enough.

    Note that this is basic Linux system administration outside of the scope of the Cloud Probe configuration and would need to be approved by the system administrator of the system the Cloud Probe is installed on.


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