Remedy Smart Reporting - Report Refresh manual option exceed cache size error

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    How to solve report refresh manual option exceed cache size error?

    Specific error:
    "Data not saved The data for this report could not be saved as it exceeds the maximum cached data size for this content category."


    This error occurs whenever the cache size of the respective content category exceeds its limit from 1 MB, which is the default cache size for content categories.

    The data is kept and saved in the content category for faster access of the records. Based on the Tomcat memory and disk space availability, this cache memory can be increased to maximum of 10-15 MB only.

    This change needs to be implemented directly on the Smart Reporting UI under each of the folder options:
    1. Access to Smart Reporting with an admin account.
    2. Go to Administration > Admin Console.
    3. Expand "Content Folders"
    4. Open the desired content sub folder and click on "Advanced settings"
    5. Set the desired cache value under "Max Size" option.

    For more information refer to following knowledge article related to performance:, the recommendation is to keep only the "current version"

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