How to manually configure 9.x AR System ODBC drivers on 64-bit Windows OS?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Versions 9.x and above


    When Midtier 9.x is installed against a system that has a Crystal Reports Server or BOXI installation, the  AR System ODBC Driver should get automatically installed and configured.
    However, for 64 bit Windows OS this does not always happen successfully or you may need the ODBC driver installed on a desktop for another client application.



    To manually configure the driver, please follow below steps:
    - Have installed or have access to the following files is required:
    Normally found in the <midtier_install>\WEB-INF\lib

    These files can be copied to a directory on the desired desktop.  Ex:  c:\910dbc

    - Open regedit.

    - Navigate to:
        1.  Create New Key called 'AR System ODBC Data Source'
        2.  Within the AR System ODBC Data Source, create the following strings:
            ARDiaryDescend with a value of 0
            ARUseLabel with a value of 0
            ARUseUnderscores with a value of 1
     with no value
            PWD  with value of "KgEhzU6iGl0mftAloogLapQEXczUT4UNhz+ulyC/BCjUk4sQC//p3UUyQanmyhqG5VkTUaQz7Firp9Q49AntE4wtY/k1eB0Q2Gjw8Og+s8tbVdlGDLsgsw=="
            ARAuthentication with no value
            ARServer with no value
            ARServerPort  with no value
            ARReportLocale with no value
            ARPrivateRpcSocket with no value
            ARReportLocale with no value
            ARVuiType with no value
            ARNameReplace with a value of 0
            Driver with a value of  <path\to\dllfiles>arodbc91_build001.dll
        3.  Click on the key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node\\ODBC\\ODBC.INI\ODBC Data Sources, then add a new string called 'AR System ODBC Data Source' with a value of 'AR System ODBC Driver'

     - Navigate to:
        1.  Create a new key called 'AR System ODBC Driver'
        2.  Within the AR System ODBC Driver key, create the following strings.
                 APILEVEL with a value of 0
                 ConnectFunctions with a value of YYN
                 DestPath with a value of <path\to\dllfiles>
                 Driver with a value of <path\to\dllfiles>\arodbc91_build001.dll
                 DriverODBCVer with a value of 03.51
                 Setup with a value of <path\to\dllfiles>\arodbc91_build001.dll
                 SQLLevel with a value of 1
             Create a DWORD (32bit ) Value called UsageCount with a decimal value of 207615648
    - Navigate to
    Note:  this is a different registry level than the item above.
        1.  Create new String called 'AR System ODBC Driver" with a value of Installed
    - You may need to reboot your system

    - Open the 32bit ODBC Administrator Panel.
    Verify that the AR System ODBC Data Source is listed on the System DSN and you can configure it.


    Please note that you should explicitly run the 32-bit version from c:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe.
    If you use Start, Run, odbcad32.exe you may not get the correct version and you will not be able to configure the driver.


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