ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite - Custom fields are not getting mapped on Remedy post ticket creation in BSR

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    We have installed BMC Proactivenet 9.6 with FP1 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Operating system. We have added few custom fields in default mapping file to populate the values in Remedy Incident. However, the values are not getting populated on ticket post generation. We have integrated BPPM 9.6 with ITSM 8.1.02 using BSR 3.5 for ticketing purpose.


    In BSR 3.5 onwards, the custom slots cannot be just specified in file. You need to use temp_valuex as mentioned here:


    And then on ITSM workflow these custom slots needs to be mapped with the temp_values:


    1. Create a new filter on the HPD:ServiceInterface form to set the Assigned Group field(s) with the temporary values. See Creating filters.
      For example:
      • $Assigned Group$ = 'z1D_WSTemp01'
      • $Assigned Support Company$ = 'z1D_WSTemp02'
      • $Assigned Support Organization$ = 'z1d_WSTemp03'
    3. Add this new filter to the two filter guides in the Set Assignment Information section. This will require an overlay to be created for each guide. See Creating guides and Creating overlays for AR System objects.      
      • Guides: HPD:ISI:Funciton_CreateIncident and HPD:ISI:Funciton_CreateIncident_Causal
    5. Place the new filter before the HPD:ISI:CreateIncident_200_SetAsgmntGrpID filter.

      This filter gets the appropriate Group ID needed for incident submission.

       You will need to now correct the DefaultMapping.Map file and restart SDIG service and then correct the workflow as per your customization on ITSM side
    With current BSR, we support only till Temp_value1 to Temp_value 10.

    For customer's query that:- 
    Is it possible to configure in BSR the values that must be set for the following Incident fields? 
    1. Resolution 
    2. Reported Source 
    If so, could you please provide the procedure for this configuration? 
    Answer to this is:- 
    --For Reported source , it is fixed value, which is 
    Hardcoded in the filter 
    --for Resolution,  it is Always Automated resolution reported, 
    that too is hardcoded in filter 
    And , there is No documents for this  as these are not configuration .. these are customization which customer need to implement at workflow level, if they need it. 



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