ADDM: Discovery does not synchronize Load Balancer Service IP addresses to CMDB

Version 11
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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping


    BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping


    Why doesn't Discovery synchronize Load Balancer Service IP addresses to CMDB?


    Please see BMC Community post

    Per Development, this is by design:

    "Unfortunately, IP address information for LoadBalancerServices cannot be synchronized into the CMDB. The BMC_IPEndpoint CI has to be related with a BMC_HostedAccessPoint relationship to a subclass of BMC_System. The LoadBalancerService is mapped to a BMC_LogicalSystemComponent, which is not a subclass of BMC_System. 

    The name attribute contains the configured name of the service. You could choose to populate Name, ShortDescription or Description of the BMC_LogicalSystemComponent CI with the IP address and port instead, but there is unfortunately no good place to put the information separately." 

    NOTE:  Discovery can create BMC_Dependency relationships (instead of BMC_HostedAccessPoint) between the LoadBalancer services (BMC_LogicalSystemComponent CI) and the IP addresses (BMC_IPEndpoint).  
    To do that, use the sample pattern, attached.  The pattern is compatible with Discovery 11.3.

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