What is the process to kick off an active GUI or WLA user / session in Control-M Enterprise Manager? - INCLUDES VIDEO

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    - How to get the list of active GUI or WLA session?
    - How to kill or terminate an active GUI or WLA session?

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    All versions of Control-M Enterprise Manager



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    The below commands can be used to view and kick the active GUI or WLA session or user.

    For Control-M EM V7 and above:

    1. From Control-M Configuration Manager ( CCM ):
    - Launch CCM and select the Control-M EM GUI Server component
    - Select Tools > Control Shell > Control-M EM Control Shell
    - Execute "PGUI" to list the current GUI or Users connected.
    - On the output generated look for the User ID that you have modified, If the user appears, copy the string that precedes the User ID.


    DD751d406e79c60dc7f095aeea69d32a2b UserID

    You will copy: DD751d406e79c60dc7f095aeea69d32a2b

    - Execute "KICK <string>" to disconnect the user connection.


    KICK DD751d406e79c60dc7f095aeea69d32a2b

    You must receive the next message:

    UserID: DD2521084026f96fbf798d6d9f9823b7ca kicked

    - If you have more than one GUI Server, repeat this procedure to look for active sessions on each GUI Server.

    2. From the Control-M EM command line:
    - Use: ctl -U <em dbo user> -P <em dbo pass> -C GUI_Server {-M <Computer Name> | -name <Logical Name> | -all} -cmdstr "<Command String>"
    - To view user and USERID, <Command String> = PGUI
    - To kick user, <Command String> = KICK <USERID>

    For Control-M V6.4.01 and below:

    On UNIX Control-M EM Server:
    - Use: ecs ctl -U <emuser> -P <empass> -C GUI_Server -M <machine> -cmdstr <Command String>
    - To view active session and USERID: <Command String> = PGUI
    - To kick user: <Command String> = KICK <USERID>

    On Windows Control-M EM Server:
    - Use: ctl -U <emuser> -P <empass> -C GUI_Server -M <machine> -cmdstr PGUI
    - To view active session and USERID: <Command String> = PGUI
    - To kick user: <Command String> = KICK <USERID>

    - The EM User being "kicked" will be automatically connected if the "Automatically Reconnect" check-box is checked on "Tools > Options > Reconnection" menu.
    - If the authorization of the user has been modified, and as long as the EM user is not logon at any other session of EM GUI, when reconnected to the EM GUI after being "kick", the new set of authorization will take effect.

    To prevent the GUI or WLA to reconenct after bring KICK:
    - Disable the reconnection, select "Tools-> Options -> Reconnection" and uncheck the "Automatically Reconnect" option.
    - The EM Client will not automatically reconnect when the connection is dropped.


    The following video demonstrates this solution:

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    Example of the commands executed from the CONTROL-M/Enterprise Manager Unix Server: 
    - Run the following commands to get list of active sessions and UID's. The UID is the number in the first column. 
      ctl -U <emuser> -P <empass> -C GUI_Server -M <machine> -cmdstr PGUI 
    - Run the following to kill the session where the UID = 1: 
      ctl -U <emuser> -P <empass> -C GUI_Server -M <machine> -cmdstr "KICK 1" 
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