Remedy - Email Engine - v9.1.x How to capture Thread and Heap dump for Email Engine process

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    How to capture Thread and Heap dump for Email Engine process.


    Requirement :
    - JDK on same box on another box to open "jvisualvm.exe".

    For same box:
    1) Stop Email Engine service from services console.

    2) Open Emailstart.bat file from Email Engine installation directory where we need to append below string between: "%JAVA_OPTS%" and -cp  

    For example:
    "%JavaPath%\java" "%JAVA_OPTS%" -cp emaildaemon.jar;.;log4j-1.2.14.jar;arapi%LIBVER%.jar;arutil%LIBVER%.jar;activation.jar;mail.jar;imap.jar;smtp.jar;pop3.jar;armapi%LIBVER%.jar;com.bmc.arsys.companion.client-%OSGI_BUNDLE_VER%-SNAPSHOT.jar;com.bmc.arsys.companion.remote-%OSGI_BUNDLE_VER%-SNAPSHOT.jar;com.bmc.arsys.messaging.client-%OSGI_BUNDLE_VER%-SNAPSHOT.jar;activemq-all-5.10.0.jar com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.EmailDaemon %*

    Note: We can define any available port. 8086 is just an example.

    3) Then open command prompt as administrator and browse to Email Engine installation directory and start Emailstart.bat file (Start Email Engine from command line)

    4) Then open "jvisualvm.exe" from JDK installation dir/bin. Then expand local it will show you email engine string as:
    "com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.EmailDaemon (pid XXXX)"

    Right click on above string to take heap and thread dump.
    Email Engine Thread and Heap dump

    The files may be large in siz. Zip the files and if require use our FTP to place the compressed file(s).
    To use our FTP please check the following article: BMC Remedy How to upload files on

    The following links have details for both Windows and Linux.
    Title: JVisualVM_Monitoring_For_Email_Engine
    Watch Video:

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