Smart IT email configurations/customization  ( i.e Incident -> Share - > Email This Incident)

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Remedy with Smart IT


    How can we customize the Email while sending from Incident -> Share -> “Email this Incident” ? We need to change the "Powered by BMC" Icon in the received email.


    When we click on “Email this Incident” link, email template ITSM_Generic_Manual_Template will be pushed from the back end code and this is used by the filter  NTE:NTS:Email_200_Manual-NT_with_EmailTemplate.
    We can either modify this Template by removing the existing "Template Attachment"  file icon-brandmark.png and add our desired attachment with same name (since this name is referred in the Template code) OR Create a new custom Filter similar to "NTE:NTS:Email_200_Manual-NT_with_EmailTemplate" with Notify action containing Custom Template details.  (You may need to disable OOB in this case)

    Go to "AR System Email Templates" form and search for Template Name "ITSM_Generic_Manual_Template" This filter is also where the variables are parsed for the notify action

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