SRD categories and SRDs are not visible in MyIT admin console

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    MyIT Digital Workplace




    MyIT 2.6


    Use Case
    -Login with MyIT admin user 
    -Open MyIT Admin console
    -Open Service request
    -SRD are localized and online in the SRM
    -When user logs in to MyIT UC the popular service request are visible
    -However when user logs in to Admin console-service request section no SRD or SRD categories are visible
    -When user click on “Support” in “View All” in UC no SRD is visible 


    Troubleshooting Tips 

    -From F12 Developer logs we investigated that only two navigational categories were present in the response
    -Further investigating these we found that the two visible categories are the only one in active state AND have locale en
    -Then we created one new SRD and created localized category for it and localized version of the SRD
    -We were able to see this SRD in myit UC and myit Admin console
    -In QA customer had no Category_Locale set at all on the categories
    -We deleted all localized categories using the SRM:Categories_DispProp form.
    -After this user was able to see SRD and navigational categories in MyIT UC and in MyIT Admin console

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