How do I create a container in MainView Explorer that only contains graphics without the underlying view?

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    How do I create a container in MainView Explorer that only contains graphics without the underlying view?


    Using MainView Explorer it is possible to create a container that consists of graphics coming from various views without containing the underlying views themselves.

    It is recommended to start with the "Open chart" menu item from the view node in the MainView Explorer tree. This opens a chart without the backing view visible. You can then change the chart as required (all of the view properties are available - see the What's New notes for further details under "Charting Enhancements"). Once you have the chart that you like, move it into a new container (freeform or tiled), right-click on it to select "Open alternate chart" (which will open within the same container) and modify it as required. Repeat this for as many charts as you'd like. This can then be saved in a configuration.

    In summary, to create a container that includes the graphic only, follow the steps outlined below:

    1) Open a chart directly using "Open chart", and modify it as required.
    2) Create a Container and move the chart into it.
    3) From that chart, right-click and select "Open Alternate Chart", and modify the new chart.
    4) Repeat Step 3 as needed.

    The use of Open Alternate Chart allows you to effectively have more than one chart for a view. When this option is selected, an alternate form for the same view is opened, but opened so that only the chart will show (as if it were opened with Open chart). In addition, that chart will carry forward any changes made to the original chart.

    In this way you could launch a view and open its chart, or even better, just open the chart directly using the "Open Chart" menu item from the tree.  You can then make changes (chart type or items selected), move it into a new Container (tiled or freeform) and then open several alternate charts, merely changing selected items. This can all be saved in a configuration (without saving any customized views), which would launch everything as saved. Only one query view requests data, which is then charted by all the alternate charts.

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