What are the steps to rebuild the CO Search Index?

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    CO 9.5.02 and CO 10.x


    The patch I've installed suggests that it is necessary to rebuild the CO Search index after installation. How can I manually rebuild the CO Search Index?



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    Simple index rebuild


    An immediate rebuild can be initiated via the CO console. 


    The steps to manually rebuild the search index on BCO 9.x/10.0 are:

    1. Access the Console
    3. Navigate to Administration > COMPONENTS > Beckend Services
    5. Select API Providers - Search service in the table
    7. Click on the buttons Rebuild main index and Rebuild tag index
    You can find more details in official product documentation. 

    Advanced index rebuild, when the first procedure gives back errors


    Resolution for the following error when rebuilding main index:


      To resolve    BCO_DH_ERROR11: "failed to acquire random test lock" error (all the commands need to me run from the CO installation directory, default /opt/bmc/BCO): 
    1. Stop all CO components that lock the CO index files. To do this, you have to run the command ./cpit stop on all the Application Servers
    3. Backup and then remove the existing search index files    
      • cd repository
      • tar -zxvf search_index_bad.tar.gz search_index
      • cd repository/search_index
      • rm -rf *
      That will create a backup of your current search_index directory and then the rm -rf * will remove the current search_index contents.

      WARNING: Be cautious when running an rm -rf * since if the command is executed from the wrong directory it could result critical files being removed from the BCO environment which must be restored from backup to recover the environment.

    5. Restart the CO components that were stopped in step 1 with the command ./cpit start
    7. The Search Index rebuild will start automatically and it can take a few minutes to complete.
    You can check the search index service logs under:  
    • Administration -> Components -> Backend Services -> API Providers - Search service than click on Show Log
    • Administration -> ETL & System Tasks -> System Tasks -> Search index Updater than click on Show Log

    If these steps doesn't solve the problem, check also that the nfslock demon is running on all CO Application Servers
    You can refer to this article for more details


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