What are the recommendations when an end user changes its department (departments are onbaorded as a Tenant in Cloud) within a company?

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.x


    How can we make sure to have an existing virtual machines assigned to an end user who is changing its organization and these organizations are onboarded in Cloud as Tenants? Are there any recommendations?


    Here are the recommendations:

    • If a person is moving to a different Tenant then its Service Offering instances (SOIs) needs to be transferred to other end users within its Tenant.
    • Delete the user and create the same user in other Tenant (where this user is moving to).
    • You can transfer the Service Offering instances (SOIs) from one Tenant to other Tenant's users provided that they belongs to the same Network Container.
       Additional Information: Refer   Transferring ownership of service offering instances in the legacy console


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