What do the product codes mean that are used in the names of Control-M installation packages, how do I find out which product is which (for example what is DRKAI.8.0.00)?

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M for Distributed Systems


    The installation package/filename are named with a product code, such as DRAFT.7.0.00 which is the installation package name of the Control module Advanced File Transfer.
    What is the meaning of the letters so I can identify quicker which product each file is?




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    The 5 letter prefix of our product codes consist of two parts:

    The first 2 letters: indicate PA or DR, which is an internal indication of what kind of release it is, i.e. a full base release of a product or a patch/fix pack

    The next 3 letters are the product code. This is basically a random three letter code, although sometimes a nice abbreviation was chosen for example in the case of AFT.

      035 = Control-M Workload Automation Suite
      035 = Control-M Workload Automation Select
      039 = BMC Control-M Workload Automation for Advanced File Transfer
      1BK = Control-M/Enterprise Manager API
    1CM = Control-M Application Pack
    1MS = Control-M Business Process Integration Suite Interfaces
      A12 = BMC Control-M/Agent for UNISYS 2200
      AFP = Control-M Managed File Transfer
    AFT = Control-M for Advanced File Transfer
    ARB - Control-M Workload Archiving
      AUW = BMC Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows
    BKP = Control-M for Backup
      B90 = BMC Control-M/Agent for iSeries (AS/400)
    CAA = Control-M Batch Discovery
    CAG = Control-M Self Service
    CBD - Control-M for Hadoop
    CBM = Batch Impact Manager
    CBO = Control-M for SAP Business Objects
      CBS = BMC Control-M for Web Services, Java and Messaging
    CGN = Control-M for IBM Cognos
      CIB = BMC Control-M for IBM Cognos
    CLD = Control-M for Cloud
      CMA = BMC Control-M/Agent for MAPPER System for 2200
    COB = Control-M Business Process Integration Suite Control Modules (or full product)
    CTV = Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows
    DSG = Control-M for IBM InfoSphere DataStage
      H2Q = PATROL Knowledge Module for BMC Control-M
    H2S = Control-M for IBM Tivoli Monitoring
    H2V = Control-M/WebAccess
    H2W = Control-M for HP OpenView
      H3S = BMC Control-M/Enterprise Manager
    INF = Control-M for Informatica
    KAD = Control-M Conversion
    KAI = Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows
    MQL = Control-M for Databases
    NAA = Control-M/Agent for Tandem Guardian
    NAD = Control-M/Agent for UNISYS 2200
    NCU = Control-M/Agent for iSeries
    NFT = Control-M/Enterprise Manager
      O34 = BMC Control-M Workload Automation
      052 = BMC Control-M Conversion
    OAC = Control-M for Oracle E-Business Suite
    OST = Control-M One Install DVD (all main products bundled)
    PMC = Control-M for Peoplesoft
    Q68 = BMC Control-M Usage Reporting Tool
    RMC = Control-M for SAP
    USG = Control-M Usage Reporting Tool
    V47 = Control-M/Agent for OpenVMS
    X91 = Control-M for Oracle Business Intelligence
    WCM - Control-M Workload Change Manager
    ZVO = Control-M Application Plugins
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