BMC Middleware and Transaction Management: Verify agent reset time is in sync with server local time

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    BMC Middleware and Transaction Management


    BMC Middleware Monitoring 8.0.01 BMC TrueSight Middleware Monitor 8.0.01 BMC TrueSight Middleware Transaction Monitor 8.0.01


       If  the agents and servers are in different time zones, the MsgTotal Reports will not appear to be accurate due to the differences in local time.   The following SQL checks for the time difference and could help to adjust the TZ environment variable or the ResetTotalsTime on the agent side accordingly.  



    Oracle SQL

    Run this SQL to find candidates where the agent local time may differ from the server local time.  Please change the   to_timestamp values to a current date!  
    SET TERMOUT OFF SET TAB OFF SET WRAP OFF SET LINESIZE 150 SET FEEDBACK OFF SET PAGESIZE 0  COLUMN tpath HEADING 'Path' COLUMN hdd HEADING 'Date Time' COLUMN val FORMAT 9,999,999,990 HEADING 'MsgEnqTotal' BREAK ON tpath SKIP 2  SPOOL data.txt select substr(fn_topic_path(tt1.hdlowoid),1,100) tpath, to_char(tt2.hddatetime,'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS') hdd, tt1.hdfpvalue val   from qp_hdhr tt1      , (select t1.hdlowoid, max(t2.hddatetime) hddatetime from qp_hdtmpl_oid_asso t1    , qp_hdhr t2 where t1.hdattr_name = 'MsgEnqTotal' and t1.hdtype_id = t2.hdtype_id and t1.hdhioid = t2.hdhioid and t1.hdlowoid = t2.hdlowoid and t2.hddatetime >= to_timestamp('2010-05-20 00:00:00','YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS') and t2.hddatetime < to_timestamp('2010-05-21 00:00:00','YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS') group by t1.hdlowoid, to_char(hddatetime,'YYYY-MM-DD HH24') ) tt2 where tt1.hdlowoid = tt2.hdlowoid and tt1.hddatetime = tt2.hddatetime order by 1, 2 desc; SPOOL OFF

    Review the list of candidates returned by the SQL and choose one of two options.




    Change TZ Environment Variable

    This is not recommended!  Only pursue this option if the system time zone value is not correct.  Adjusting the system local time can affect many applications, so be very careful.  Check the operating system's vendor documentation for more details how to set the TZ environment variable.  

    Set ResetTotalsTime Preference

    The preferred way is to change   ResetTotalsTime agent preference using the agentpref utility: 

    Windows example:  
    agentpref.bat --host localhost --set "WebSphere MQ Monitor" "ResetTotalsTime" "23:00"
    Unix Example:  
    ./ --host localhost --set 'WebSphere MQ Monitor' 'ResetTotalsTime' '23:00"'
    Setting   ResetTotalsTime to 23:00 would help of the server is one hour ahead of the agent, setting it 01:00 would help if the agent is one hour ahead of the server. 


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