What level of support is available for TrueSight Capacity Optimization(TSCO) customization from Technical Support?

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


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    The TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) product is highly customizable in many different areas including:

    • The deployment of 'Template Connectors' for data collection from data sources not supported by 'Supported Connectors'
    • The creation of 'Custom Connectors' for data collection from data sources not supported by 'Supported Connectors'
    • The creation of custom Dashboard views
    • The creation of custom BIRT Advanced Report templates
    • And so on...




    TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) Technical Support will assist with the mechanism of the implementation of customization using the out of the box functionality provided by the TrueSight Capacity Optimization product (TSCO). This includes any customization that can be implemented using standard feature of the TSCO user interface such as the definition of new custom metrics and custom statistics. This would also include the creation of custom dashboards within TSCO using the out of the box dashboard portlets. TSCO Technical Support will also assist with the mechanics of the creation of custom reports and custom ETLs via the TSCO Integration Studio using the standard features and graphical interface of the TSCO Integration Studio.

    TSCO Technical Support cannot assist with the creation of custom code or custom SQL requires to implement customizations with TrueSight Capacity Optimization. If customization requires custom code or SQL to be created that would need to be fully owned by the entity creating the custom code or SQL and would be outside of the scope of TSCO Technical Support. If assistance from BMC is required to create a custom ETL or dashboard (in particular ETL code or SQL to import or extract data to/from the BCO database) it would be necessary to engage BMC Professional Services on a fee for service basis.


    For assistance with problems outside of the scope of Technical Support, one resource that may be able to provide assistance is the Capacity Management forum on the BMC Communities site. The Capacity Management forums on the BMC Communities site (https://communities.bmc.com/community/bmcdn/capacity_management) is a useful resource for additional assistance with the creation or debugging of ETLs and BIRT Report Templates via the BCO Integration Studio that falls outside of the scope of Technical Support. The BMC Communities site is a user to user forum that can be used to address product best practices, customization, or how to questions that fall outside the normal scope of Technical Support.

    So, in summary, customization that is not within the scope of Technical Support includes:

    • The creation of custom code
    • The creation of custom SQL
    • Customization tasks outside of the standard BCO user interfaces
    • The debugging of custom ETL code as it relates to the interface between the ETL and the 3rd party data source


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