CLM: BMC Remedy ARSystem DSO is not responsive and how to troubleshoot DSO issue?

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    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    Cloud Lifecycle Management


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.0 release or higher


    Records are not moving from "Enterprise AR server" to "Cloud AR server". Here is the error message in %ARSystem%/Arserver/Db/ardist.log file:

     Processing item number 29 (Thu Nov 03 2011 13:31:57.9857)
    <DIST> Pending Type -- 1
    <DIST> Source Form -- BMC.CORE:BMC_BusinessService
    <DIST> Source ID -- 000000000000103|000000000342119
    <DIST> Pending Other --
    <DIST> -m "DIST-CMDB:ECMDB_TO_CLOUD-BMC_BusinessService" -p "Pool4"
    <DIST> Get source schema definition (stage 2)
    <DIST> Using NEW cache definition for BMC.CORE:BMC_BusinessService (clm-itsm)
    <DIST> Get entry details (stage 3)
    <DIST> Get mapping details (stage 4)
    <DIST> Filter-specified mapping -- DIST-CMDB:ECMDB_TO_CLOUD-BMC_BusinessService
    <DIST> Mapping DIST-CMDB:ECMDB_TO_CLOUD-BMC_BusinessService not in the cache or expired
    <DIST> Replacing logical name (DESTINATION-SERVER) with physical name (clm-cloudar)
    <DIST> Mapping matching qualification: InstanceId = "Instance ID>";
    <DIST> Mapping name -- DIST-CMDB:ECMDB_TO_CLOUD-BMC_BusinessService
    <DIST> Target form -- BMC.CORE:BMC_BusinessService
    <DIST> Target server -- clm-cloudar
    <DIST> Perform final checks (stage 5)
    <DIST> Get target schema definition (stage 6)
    <DIST> ** WARNING ** Access problem trying to get target form definition, retry later... (Thu Nov 03 2011 13:32:28.1034)
    <DIST> Sleeping for 29:32 minutes (Thu Nov 03 2011 13:32:28.1034)



    Legacy ID:KA358060


    The above error occurs if there is an issue with the network connectivity between "Enterprise AR server", "Cloud AR servers". Please verify the connectivity between both "Enterprise AR server" and "Cloud AR servers". Both the servers should resolve to each other with the hostname and IP etc. Also make sure that Port numbers of the respective AR servers are valid.


    Please follow the below steps if the issue still persists:


    1: Connect to the "Cloud AR server"  and "Enterprise AR server" through Remedy user tool and open the "AR System Administration" consoles for the both the servers.


    2: Click on System-->General-->Server Information and open "Ports and Queues" tab on "Server Information" remedy form on both the servers.

    3: Check the setting of "Register With Portmapper". This setting should be either marked as checked on both server (i.e Enterprise AR and Cloud AR) if you want TO USE the default "Port Mapper" option or marked as unchecked on both the servers if you DO NOT WANT TO USE the "Port Mapper" option.

    4: In the case where you DO NOT WANT to use "Portmapper", but the setting of "Register with Portmapper" is marked incorrectly as checked on one server (e.g. Enterprise AR server) and unchecked on the other server (e.g. Cloud AR server),please follow the below steps to ensure that both the servers are set correctly to NOT use "Portmapper".

         a: Open the "Connection Setting" tab on "Server Information" form at the "Enterprise AR server" side and click on "DSO Server"
         b: Fill the "Server Name", "RPC Program Number" and the "Port" values of the "Cloud AR server" in here (check the "Ports and Queues" tab for "Server TCP/IP Port" values in "Cloud AR server" on "Server Information" remedy form)
         c: Please restart the Enterprise AR server or AR services ("BMC Remedy Action Request System Server")

    The above steps need to be done in reverse if the "Register with Portmapper" is marked as checked on the Cloud AR server and unchecked on the Enterprise AR server and the corresponding AR service needs to be restarted.

    5: In the case where you WANT to use "Portmapper", and "Register With Portmapper" is not marked as checked on both the servers then please follow the below steps.

        a. Open the "Ports and Queues" tab as mentioned in (2) on the corresponding server and mark as checked the setting of "Register With Portmapper"
        b. Save the data.
        c. Restart the correspodning AR service.


    6: After above changes, please modify any records at the Enterprise AR server and check if DSO is working fine or not.


    e.g. Modify a user record from "USER" form at Enterprise AR and if changes reflects at Cloud AR then DSO is working from Enterprise AR to Cloud AR


    Modify a record (select a record which is having BMC.ASSET dataset id) in BMC_Tag form at Cloud AR and if changes reflects in BMC.IMPORT* dataset id at Enterprise AR then DSO is working fine from Cloud AR to Enterprise AR.


    Contact BMC Customer Support ( for further assistance.

    Additional information: Refer to How to Videos - Cloud Lifecycle Management playlist created by BMC Customer Support

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