How to submit ideas for new functionality in BMC Software products

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    What is the best way to submit ideas for new functionality in my BMC Software product?


    Customers are invited to get involved in BMC Communities, an easy way to connect with BMC Software, interact with other customers and share Ideas. You can also vote and provide feedback on existing Ideas suggested by other members of our Communities.

    Take a look at this Video for hints on how to best utilize the idea process we have in place at BMC

    How to submit new Ideas or vote on existing ones on the BMC Software Communities

    1. Open the BMC Communities Home Page.
    3. If you have already registered, click the Login link and enter your username and password. If you have not yet registered, click the Register link and then take the followings steps:
    5. Enter your email address and then press Confirm address.
    7. Next, check your email for a message from BMC Communities.
    9. Once found, click the link in the email to validate your address and complete a short registration.
    11. Complete the registration form on the Complete your account page, agree to the terms and conditions, and then click Create Account.
    13. Wait until the mail is received indicating your account has been approved and login with your new account and password.
    15. You may optionally upload a photo, choose an avatar, enter additional information about yourself by clicking on your name (upper left) and selecting one of the options to edit.
    17. Upon editing and saving your profile, you can invite others to join by selecting the Invite friends to join on the bottom right of the "bio" tab.
    19. You are now registered to use the BMC Communities. Welcome!
    21. Place your mouse cursor over the Products label in the upper left and then choose your BMC Software product.
    23. Next, open the Create option on the Actions. Here, you'll be able to create Ideas.
    You can view your own Ideas and those created by other members by clicking   Browse | Ideas

    What happens next?

    BMC product management will regularly review submitted ideas, ask for additional information via comments, update the status and provide feedback on the ideas we plan to deliver. Below you can see how we publish the status of Ideas and hopefully gain an appreciation of how effective this channel has become as a main driver for the evolution of our products. 
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