Remedyforce Configuration Data Integrity Report Showing False Issues

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Remedyforce Configuration Data Integrity Report Showing False Issues



    Build Data Integrity Information View and Review Issues Line by Line:
    1. Create a Salesforce tab for Data Integrity Information
    2. Create a View containing the following fields:
    Impacted Field
    Impacted Module
    Impacted Object
    Impacted Record
    Missing Field ID
    Missing Field Value
    Missing Record Object
    3. Review the data in the field and make the necessary changes.

    Common Solutions:
    Generally the data for the template fields has been changed.
    User needs to be activated.
    Deleted record/value needs to be restored from recycle bin or removed from the template
    Value for field in template is spelled wrong.
    Category issues are generally resolved by removing the category from the template saving the template, then adding the category back and saving the template again.

    To update the view with the latest data:
    Once changes have been made you will want to refresh the data on the tab to confirm the issues have been resolved.
    1. Click Remedyforce Administration
    2. Click Application Configuration
    3. Click General Application Settings
    4. Stop and Start the Remedyforce Utility Service
    5. Click the Date Integrity Information tab | Click Go or Click Refresh.
    6. Verify the integrity issues have been resolved.


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