Remedy - Server - On a Notify Action in a filter the Selected fields are not showing in the email and they have Public permissions

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System Server v9.1


    The scenario is observed performing the following:

         > Create a Regular Test Form ( Don't give Public Permission to the form).
         > Create a Filter with Notify Action.
         > Add User, Text and Subject in this action.
         > Select the  fields in the Selected fields option. These fields should have Public permission on the form.
         > Save the filter and test the notification action.

    The Selected fields are not listed in the Email Message Body.
    This happens when the form doesn't have Public permission. If Public permission is added to the form then the Selected fields are displayed in Message body.


    Check and make sure field ID 1 permission is also public.

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