How to capture network traffic using F12 (Developer Tools) when Fiddler is not an option

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    Remedy AR System Server


    If you need to capture the HTTP traffic between a browser and a web server we usually go for Fiddler. However what can you do when Fiddler is not an option?


    Modern browsers include debugging tools that allow you to examine the page. They also allow you to capture the network traffic similar to Fiddler. Here's how you do this:

    Internet Explorer 11

      Open F12 Developer Tools. Either via the F12 keyboard shortcut or the browser's tools menu  
    Select the Network tab  
    Confirm that traffic recording is enabled:  arrow is gray and square icon is red. (Ctrl+E are the toggle keys)  
    Select the Always refresh from server icon (fourth icon from left that looks like a diskette with a refresh circle)  
    Reproduce the problem  
    Check if traffic is recorded. If not, make sure recording is enabled  
    Stop recording (Shift+F5 or the red stop  button)  
    Export as a HAR file by clicking the third icon which looks like a diskette.  
    Provide the HAR file to BMC Support 
      Open Firebug via the F12 keyboard shortcut  
    Select the Network tab  
    Select the Disable cache and Persist logs options (right side of panel)  
    Reproduce the problem  
    Rightclick on one of the recorded requests, select Save All as HAR  
    Save the file and send it to BMC Support 
      Open F12 Dev Console via the F12 keyboard shortcut  
    Select the Network tab  
    Select the Preserve Log and Disable cache options  
    Reproduce the problem  
    When done, right click on one of the recorded requests and choose: Save All as HAR with content 
      Save the file (you don't need to select the sessions, it will save all the session currently displayed)  
    Provide the HAR file to BMC Support  


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