What dictates how long the Control-M/Agent logs are saved (LOGKEEPDAYS versus SYSKEEPDAYS)? - INCLUDES VIDEO

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    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Server for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


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    How are the Control-M/Agent logs cleaned up?   What parameters affect how long they are kept.



    As part of the new day procedure, the Agent cleans the proclog directory. The LOGKEEPDAYS parameter ("Days To Retain Log Files") specifies how many number of days the Agent logs will be kept in Agent's proclog folder.

    The LOGKEEPDAYS parameter for Agent can be set at the Control-M Configuration Manager GUI by right-clicking on the specific Agent and go to Control-M/Agent System Parameter and look for LOGKEEPDAYS under Name column.

    The change will affect automatically at next new day time.

    There is SYSKEEPDAYS setting for Agent found under Agent's Properties OUTPUT tab with Default value(ie, the value comes from Control-M/Server). The SYSKEEPDAYS setting specifies how many number of days the Agent will keep job outputs and its associated files; but not the Agent logs under proclog folder. The Agent will use the SYSKEEPDAYS specified at the Agent configuration and if nothing is set, the Control-M/Server sends the SYSKEEPDAYS value at new day time to those Agents. 

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