Remedy - Email Engine - How can I test my Mailbox Configuration outside of the Email Engine? Includes Video!

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    How can I test my Mailbox Configuration outside of the Email Engine?



    Note: From version 19.08 we support also the EWS protocol.

    To test the mailboxes in 19.08 the utility is also included out of the box and it is located in the main ..../AREmail installation directory.
    The utility in 19.08 includes also the EWS protocol.
    If you are on version 19.08 or higher run the utility located in the AREmail installation.

    Test EMail Utility

    This is a command line utility to test connectivity of Email server by sending / receiving test email with all Email Engine supported protocols, such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, MAPI and MBOX with input parameters provided at command line.

    How to use.
    1- Download the utility from this article into some specific folder.
    2- Open the command prompt and navigate to that specific folder.
    3- Make sure that JRE_HOME or JAVA_HOME is set as a System Environment Variable.
    4- Run the testemail.bat or file.
         It will ask for input parameters based on incoming or outgoing test scenario.
         Inputs are such as protocol , connectivity port , SSL connection, etc. 

    To test an Email Engine Mailbox, provide the exact values that are present in the AR System Email Mailbox Configuration form
    If you don’t provide input values, it will use default values.  For prompts with multiple values,  it will use the first choice as the default.
    Note: As this is test program, there is no validation for input parameters.


    1- To test MAPI protocol make sure that Outlook is installed and configured properly on the system where the test program is running. 
    2- To test MAPI with protocol, the batch file needs to be run by the Outlook configured profile user.
    3- You need to open Command Prompt with permissions of configured user. 
         Steps to open the Command Prompt with specific user are as follows:
              a) Open the Command Prompt and run following command with specific user name and provide valid password for that user.
                        Command Name:   runas /user:<<userName>> cmd.exe
                        e.g runas /user:RemedyMail cmd.exe
              b) After this you can follow the How to use section above.

    For MAPI, it is a requirement to use 32 bit JRE. So please set path to valid 32 JRE directory.

    Check the article:
    Remedy - Email Engine - How to set the "eMailTestUtility" in Debug mode

    Examples with screen shot 

    1. Send email with SMTP protocol
                User-added image 
      2.  Receive email with POP3 protocol

    3. MAPI Outgoing
             User-added image

    4.  MAPI Incoming

             User-added image

    5.  IMAP4 Error, Authentication Failed
             User-added image


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