Client Management: Is it possible to take control of a device that is connected through the internet?

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    Will I be able to take control of devices that are connected to my infrastructure through the internet?


    When the device will be on the WAN, it will:
    - connect to its DMZ relay
    - the relay will try to contact the device, which will not be possible as it's on the WAN
    - a tunnel will be opened between the two devices
    When the admin will request the console to take control of the target device, the console will:
    - ask the necessary information to the master to connect to the target
    - try to connect to the device directly which will first fail
    - as a result the console will try to connect to the target through the master, it'll fail again
    - as a result it'll try to connect through the DMZ relay, which will work as there's a tunnel between the target and the dmz relay.

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