How to Change the Org Wide Email Address in Salesforce/Remedyforce?

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    How to change the org wide email address in Salesforce/Remedyforce?


    If you want to change the on behalf of email address you need to add the email address to org wide email address
     Follow the below steps

    Login to Rf as Admin
    Setup|Email Administration|Organization-Wide Email Address
    Click on Add |Display Name Add the name which you want after on behalf of  for e.g GSC HR
    In the email address field add the email address which you want to send email from for e.g ""
    Now this email address which receive a verification email
    Once its verified it will be your org wide email address

    Now Go to remedy force Administration tab
    Click on configure email |Email Conversation Settings

    In the email address available for profiles Select the email address which is created in org wide email address

    You can set the new org wide email address as default which will replace the current email address if any .

    Now send an email from incident record and you will find the new email address in the from field

    Please refer the below article for more details  and let me know  in case of any queries.


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