Enable “obo.enabled.for.all “ feature for On Behalf Of functionality in MyIT 3.1

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    MyIT 3.1


    In MyIT 3.1 documentation SRM pluggable provider section describe the section about On Behalf Of functionality  that allows you following
    obo.enabled.for.all - This flag is used by the On Behalf Of feature. If this flag is set to false, the rules set in BMC Service Request Management for On Behalf Of requests are used. In addition, BMC MyIT users can search for the Requested for employee by either first or last name, but not by full name. If this flag is set to true, any employee can create a request on behalf of any other employee. Because a different search is performed for the Requested for, BMC MyIT users can search by full name, in addition to first name, last name, or email address. If your organization has over 50,000 employees, setting this flag to true can improve performance.

    This KB describes the steps to enable this property


    Following are the steps for the to enable this property
    1)Login to MyIT database
    2) Generate one GUID from following
    3)Open table “TENANT_PROVIDER” and note the “PROVIDER_PK” for “srm”
    User-added image
    4)Open table “PROVIDER_SETTINGS” and create new record in this table

    PK= next ID number in list
    ID=GUID generated in step 2
    TENANT_PROVIDER_PK= “PROVIDER_PK” for “srm” from Step 3

    User-added image

    5) It will show you the record as following
    User-added image
    6)Login to Admin console and reload the providers

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