BMC24563 Logset logging delayed, all buffers full

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    How to resolve BMC24563 Logset logging delayed, all buffers full  messages?



    BMC24563 message indicates that the NGL write buffers are full for the Output Group Logset and has begun the "wait and try again process". BMC24565 Logset logging has resumed, retry count= 1 indicates how many times NGL retried before it worked. These messages are logged when the NGL configuration and workload are such that the IFCIDs are written faster than NGL can write them for long enough to exhaust the buffer capacity. If the "delayed" messages are seen occasionally, it just means that there was a short burst of high volume activity that temporarily out ran the NGL, but there was enough NGL write buffers and data space buffers to hold the excess until NGL caught up. If this is happening frequently then it would be more efficient to increase the Max log buffers in the DOMPLEX Output Group definition.

    Instructions to increase Max log buffers in DOMPLEX Option set - Output Group Definition:
    1) Start a product session to navigate to Administration > DOMPLEX Option Sets. For detailed instructions. click Accessing the Online interface.
    2) Modify the Output Group to change Max log buffers. For detailed instructions, click Modifying the Output Groups.


    + DOMPLEX Parameters           Parameters that apply to entire DOMPLEX 
    + Data Collector List (1)      Data Collector(DBC) subsystems in DOMPLEX 
    + DB2 Monitor List (11)        DB2 Sub-systems to be monitored 
    - OutGp DCID DspSize (6)       Output Groups - valid range: 001-256
      - 001 N11J 20                 Dataspace buffer size: 1-2000 (MB) 
        + Data Classes               Specify IFCIDs to be stored in this group
        - NGL LOGSET Parameters      LOGSET attributes used by this group    
          Logset time span . . . . . . . .  7D       (nD,nH,nM)                  
          Max log buffers. . . . . . . . .  10       (2-20)                      
          Max read buffers . . . . . . . .  4        (2-99)                      
          Deferred write time. . . . . . .  60       (1-999 sec.)                
          Minimum log file data sets (LDS)  2        (1-99)                      
          Maximum log file data sets (LDS)  5        (1-99)                      
          Space to allocate (per LDS). . .  100      (1-9999 MB) note: 1 CYL=720KB


    3) Click for Instructions for the NGL Output group changes to take effect.

    Note: The NGL log and read buffers are 1MB large and are allocated in 64bit memory in the DBC address space.

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