How to upgrade tomcat and preserve previous midtier

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    Upgrade from tomcat version on windows OS


    How to upgrade tomcat and preserve midtier configuration


    Please follow these steps to change your Tomcat version and preserve your current Mid-tier configuration.

    1. Stop your old tomcat

    2. Install the the new tomcat preserving your previous version, do not start the new tomcat yet to avoid conflicts

    3. In the new tomcat installation folder the path <install_folder>/conf/catalina/localhost/ path is not created until you start tomcat. Create that folder path 

    4. Copy <old_tomcat_install>/conf/Catalina/localhost/arsys.xml to tomcat <new_tomcat_install>/conf/Catalina/localhost/arsys.xml

    5. The ports from server.xml needed to be copied including 8006, 8080, 8443 and 8029 if you use any different between your tomcat installs

    *Note: If you are using SSL review the port 8443 or 443 configuration on server.xml 
    For port 8443 there was a keystore in <old_tomcat>\keystore\FILENAME.jks
    copy that to your new tomcat install 

    • If you are in Windows, you need to add Tomcat  as a Windows Service in case you didn't use the installer. For that, go to C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat\bin (tomcat folder name can vary depending on which version you installed)
    • Open a console in that folder and run    
    service.bat install
    • This will create an entry for tomcat in your Windows Services console.
    6. Using <new_tomcat/bin/tomcat7w.exe in the Java tab we put these values (the .exe name may change according to version). 

    *Adjust the path that matches your install. 

    -XX:ErrorFile=C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\logs\java_hs_err.log  
    -XX:HeapDumpPath=C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\logs\ 

    If you are on java 7 or lower use -XX:MaxPermSize=256m 
    If you are on java 8 use -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=256m 
    For *nix systems set your font paths 

    Check the initial memory and maximum memory values from your old tomcat and use them in the new one. 

    7. Start your new tomcat 

    If you are running Midtier 9.1.04 on Windows, you will also need to adapt the armonitor.cfg of the BMC Midtier File Deployer service.  
    • Stop the BMC Midtier File Deployer service
    • Edit the ...midtier/filedeployer/conf/armonitor.cfg file
    • Update this line:  External-Windows-Service: process-type = BMC:MidtierWebServer, service-name="Tomcat7" so that it reflects the correct Tomcat service name.
    • Start the BMC Midtier File Deployer service
    Please consider reviewing other components like ASSO, RSSO  
    This Knowledge Article is also useful for Tomcat 8. 
    Some issue reported for Tomcat 8.5 when used with  CMDB 


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