In Control-M/Enterprise Manager, how can I add more days to the number of Archived Viewpoints saved? - INCLUDES VIDEO

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    - How to configure the Control-M Workload Automation (WLA) / Control-M/Enterprise Manager so users will be able to see more days of archived viewpoints in the Control-M/EM or Control-M WLA GUI?   
    - How to increase the number of archived viewpoints in the Control-M/EM or Control-M WLA GUI?  




      1. The variables that determine the number of archived viewpoints are controlled by 2 Control-M/Enterprise Manager system parameters 
      - Use the MaxOldDay parameter to set the number of days that old downloads (Archived Nets) are kept in the CONTROL-M/EM database. 
      - Use the MaxOldTotal parameter to set the number of old downloads that can be stored in the CONTROL-M/EM database.  
      2. These 2 parameters can be found and changed from the Control-M Configuration Manager (CCM) -> Tools -> System Configuration -> Control-M/EM System Parameters.   
         These parameters are documented in the CONTROL-M Workload Automation Administration Guide.    
    3. Depending on your business requirements, you may also be interested in investigating keeping Control-M Log and Sysout for longer periods of time too (See:    KA 000100402) 
    This will configured the Control-M Log and Sysout information is available from the Archived Viewpoint as well.  
    4. Do ensure that the Control-M/EM Database can handled the increase of disk space when increasing these values. 
    5. After changing these values, all connected Gateway Component should be recycled (e.g. from the Control-M Configuration Manager GUI) 

    The following video demonstrates this article:

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