Remedy Smart Reporting - How to set up Audit Reports?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    ITSM In-App Reporting 9.1.00


    Remedy Smart Reporting 9.1 ahead


     How to set up Audit Reports in BMC Remedy Smart Reporting?



    To import the audit reports follow next steps:

    1. Depending on the access requirements for the reports, access the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting console as a:

      • Reporting super admin, usually siadmin — To provide access to administrators of all companies
      • Reporting Admin of a company — Restrict access to administrators of that company
    3. Go to Administration > Import.
    5. On the import screen, click Browse and locate the "Admin Report.xml" file on your BMC Remedy Smart Reporting system.
      By default, this file is located in the installServer\installDirectory\BMC Software\ARSystem\reporting directory.
    7. Select the file, and then click Next.
    9. From the Import Items list, select Smart Reporting Repository DB.
    11. Update the connection details, enter the BMC remedy smart reporting repository database password that you entered during installation, and test the connection  
    13. From the Import Items list, go to Summary and click Import.
      The audit reports are imported to the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting system and can be accessed by choosing the Browse option on the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting console, and selecting the Audit Reports content category on the screen displayed.

    Audit reports read data from the reporting repository database. To be able to view the audit reports correctly, perform the additional steps for viewing audit reports:

    1. Access the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting url, and login as the BMC Remedy Smart Reporting superadmin, usually siadmin.
    3. On the BMC Smart Reporting Console, choose Administration Console > Roles.
    5. Click on the role that you will update for Smart Reporting users, which need access to Audit reports (e.g. Corporate Writer).
    7. Look for Data sources and views section.
    9. Check the checkbox for permission "Skip Schema Check".
    11. Save the changes.

    Note : If 'Yellowfin Repository DB' option is not displayed while importing, then it will be necessary to create an entry in the DB for Yellowfin repository connection. Post that it will be posible to import the "Admin Report.xml" file. 

    Refer to attached document. (Take a DB backup before making any changes in DB). 


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