What are the steps to upgrade from TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM) 10.0.00 to 10.1.00?

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    TrueSight Operations Management


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    What are the steps to upgrade from TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM) 10.0.00 to 10.1.00?


    Details About the Upgrade

    • This is the upgrade procedure from TrueSight 10.0 to 10.1
    • This upgrade process will take about ~12 hours.This long window is because we are estimating the App Vis Server’s database migration (from MySQL to PostgreSQL), which will take 3-4 hours.
    • During this upgrade process, we are not upgrading to TrueSight version 10.5.00.
    Pre-Work Steps
    1) Check disk space on servers 
    Note: When upgrading App Visibility Portal and App Visibility Collector to version 10.1.00, we need to double the hard disk space of the current database size.  The MySQL data will not be deleted until PostgreSQL has all of the data. 
    For example, if the App Visibility Collector's database size is ~110GB then the hard disk space needs to have ~220GB during the upgrade to version 10.1.00.  Once the upgrade has completed then the database will be ~110GB or less. 
    2) Check system requirements for all TSOM 10.1.00 components 
    3) Download all installation files 
    4) Execute the following query in order to get the all the TEA Agent’s host name list: 
    select properties from client_properties INNER JOIN client on client.uuid=client_properties.client_uuid where client.DTYPE = 'TEAAgent' AND client_properties.properties_KEY='AGENT_FQDN' 
    Note: keep in mind that the response will be list of host names hold TEA Agents – number of lines will be number of agents.  If host appear twice it means it has 2 tea agents installed.  You can replace the ‘AGENT_FQDN’ with ‘AGENT_IP’ and get IP list instead of hostnames. 
    Upgrade Process
    Step 1) Shutdown components (TSPS, TSIM, App Visibility Portal, App Visibility Collectors, TEA Agents, and PATROL Agents using AM KM)
    • Verify all of the TrueSight components are all stopped.
       Do not DISCONNECT the App Visibility Portal server from the TSPS console because all of the Synthetic execution plans will be lost.  And Morningstar has a lot of Synthetic execution plans.
    • The TEA Agents have to be down while App Visibility Portal and App Visibility Collectors are being upgraded
    Step 2) Create a snapshots of the systems
    • TSPS will have a snapshot created
    • App Visibility Portal snapshot
    • App Visibility Collectors will have snapshot
    • No snapshot for the TEA Agent systems
    Step 3) With services/processes down, rename the component’s main directory to see if it can be renamed.
    If it cannot then there is a process locking the file/directory If renaming is successful then we will rename the component’s main directory back to its original name and proceed with backing up the files for each of the components. 
    Also make a backup of the PATROL Agent configuration file and PATROL Agent directory 
    Step 4) Upgrade App Visibility Server components from version 10.0.00 to 10.1.00.  Components are App Visibility Portal, App Visibility Collector, and App Visibility Proxy.
    Note 1: Just start the MySQL service before starting App Visibility Server upgrade 
    Note 2: Ensure we use Build #132.  Any older build numbers are not to be used.  Build #132 is available on the BMC EPD site and also at the following location: 
    Step 5) Upgrade TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS) from version 10.0.00 to 10.1.00
    Step 6) Apply the hotfix 11 on TSPS version 10.1.00
    Step 7) Apply TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM) version 10.0.500
    Note: No need to upgrade the Integration Service 
    Step 8) Start TSIM service/process
    Step 9) Install Silk Performer SDK only from version 16.0 to 16.5 on the TEA Agent
    Note 1: TEA Agent 10.1 won't work (and not supported) with Silk Performer SDK version 16.0 
    Note 2: Silk Performer SDK version 16.5 on the TEA Agent should also be patched (there is at least one issue that is resolved, which is needed for Morningstar).  Below is the patch location for the Silk Performer SDK version 16.0: 
    \\netapp-thi\eam-new\eam\TrueSight Synthetic\TrueSight Synthetic Integration - Marble\SDK\6816_GA\STM4BMC165_HF5_6816_Full\silkperformer165-sdk-6816
    SDK build 6816 is already patches and is a full installer – please install just that – no further patches are required
    If the customer script new stuff then they also need the new Full Silk Performer version, which is located below: 
    \\netapp-thi\eam-new\eam\TrueSight Synthetic\TrueSight Synthetic Integration - Marble\SDK\6816_GA\STM4BMC165_HF5_6816_Full 
    Note 3: If installing Silk Performer 16.5 then it will not uninstall/upgrade Silk Performer 16.0.  Both versions will be on the same Windows server. 
    Step 10) Upgrade the TEA Agent from version 10.0.00 to 10.1.00.
    Note 1: Don’t forget to upgrade the Silk Performer SDK on all the TEA Agent servers from version 16.0 to 16.5 prior to TEA Agent upgrade.
    Note 2: When upgrading the TEA Agent, use the following TEA Agent installation called TEA-Agent-Windows-10.1.00_HF03.zip because it contains hotfixes: 
    \\netapp-thi\eam-new\eam\TrueSight Synthetic\TrueSight Synthetic Integration - Limestone\Patches 
    Note 3: Suggest upgrading a couple of TEA Agents from 10.0.00 to 10.1.00 first and see if they are connected and collecting data in TSPS 10.1.00 successfully.  If they are then continue upgrading the rest of the Silk Performer SDK only and TEA Agents from 10.0.00 to 10.1.00.  If TEA Agent 10.1.00 does not work then roll back TEA Agent to version 10.0.00 and just uninstall Silk Performer 16.5, which leaving Silk Performer 16.0 on the Windows server. 
    Note 4: If there are multiple TEA Agents on a single Windows server then perform the upgrade on each TEA Agent.  Ensure the TEA Agent’s name is specified during the upgrade process to ensure the appropriate TEA Agent is upgraded. 
    Step 11) Upgrade the AM KM(s) from 10.0.00 to 10.1.00.  Also upgrade the PATROL Agent if needed.
    Also apply this patch:
    APM-KM-10.1.10_HF03 from: \\netapp-thi\eam-new\eam\TrueSight Synthetic\TrueSight Synthetic Integration - Limestone\Patches
    On top of the upgraded KM – it includes the "close event" fix
    Step 12) Verify all of the TEA agents are connected in the TSPS components section and collecting data successfully
    Step 13) Upgrade the APM KM on the PATROL Agent monitoring and verify that data is flowing


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