Records are stuck on the Social bridge form

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Why are records stuck on the social bridge form?



    This is something that is known from 1.0 to 1.4 and the issue is due to the SCM plugin. There is a design change on 1.5 and the problem of records being stuck will not be seen henceforth.

    One way to ensure that the records are not stuck, you can add the below entry into config file.


    1. Comment out “Select-Query-Hint: NOLOCK” from both the ar conf file.


    2. Restart AR


    To process the records from the form, change the status to Submitted and return code as retry this should process the event. Also when the entry is processed it would update the entry in smart-it dated the date/time when the record was processed from the form and will not match the entry on the ITSM side. This part is in discussion within the product team.


    The other option would be onboarding, it will only update the user updates, system updates would be missing. Currently there is no other way to get them updated either.


    When the record is stuck on the form and is not getting processed, the NOLOCK parameter could cause the issue to push the error code back into the form and hence that is not captured or updated fromINT the form and the record is stuck in processing state. This would normally occur while there is a uncommitted transaction.


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