Changing AR Server Reference in SmartIT / MyIT Application

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    MyIT Digital Workplace




    SmartIT 1.5 / MyIT 3.2 and above


    How to change AR server references in SmartIT / MyIT Application?
    How to Update (encrypt) the password within SmartIT /MyIT database?


     1) Login with the user that has MYIT permissions
                 Step1 : Application -> BMC MyIT administration -> MyIT administration console -> Persistent Data Stores -> click on the AR server that is currently being used.

                Step2 :  Modify the host_name , Provide Port Number , Admin Password(provide remedy application service password) , DataStore type(Select AR Server)
                             Click on the application tab and do the same for rest of the three applications - BMC MyIT / MyIT-ITSM /MyIT HRCM and save the information. Make sure 'enabled' is set to Yes

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      2) Login with the SmartIT Database
                 Step1 : go to the Table - 'Configuration Parameter' with the Schema 'SmartIT_System'
                             Run the following query :-
                             SELECT * FROM [SmartIT].[SmartIT_System].[CONFIGURATION_PARAMETER]

                 Step2 : Execute the Update query to update HostName
                            UPDATE [SmartIT].[SmartIT_System].[CONFIGURATION_PARAMETER] SET Value = 'Server_Name' Where Name='connect.arsystem.hostName'

                  Step3 : If the password has changed then password has to be encrypted.
                             for this you have to use SmartIT MyIT Installment Utility.
         Go To : Program files -> BMC Software -> SmartIT/MyIT ->SmartITMaintTool -> SmartIT Maintenance Tool -> Right Click,                  run that as an administrator -> click on encrypt tab -> encrypt the password

                            : Execute the Update query to update password information
                            UPDATE [SmartIT].[SmartIT_System].[CONFIGURATION_PARAMETER] SET Value = 'encrypted password' Where Name='connect.arsystem.password'
                 Step4 : Execute the Update query to update Port information
                            UPDATE [SmartIT].[SmartIT_System].[CONFIGURATION_PARAMETER] SET Value = '0' Where Name='connect.arsystem.port'

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