How to write in a user profile, add/edit a registry key in HKCU or use user variables?

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    BCM >= 11.0


    How to write in a user profile?
    How can I add a shorcut to the user desktop?

    How to add/edit a registry key in HKEY CURRENT USER?

    How to use Windows user variables in BCM?



    The agent runs using the "System" account, therefore it won't be able to write in the connected user's registry keys (e.g. HKCU) or in "C:\Documents and settings", "C:\Users" and you won't be able to use the user's variables (e.g. %USERPROFILE%). If you need the software to add stuff there, you'll have to execute the program as the connected user. In order to set this you have two options:




    A- Set the option "Run As Current User" in an assignment schedule:
    - assign the device (group) then click on "No" when it'll ask if you want to use the default schedule
    - edit the assignment schedule to select "Run as current user":




    - Click on ok, then right click on the Device (group) assignment and click on "Activate Operational Rule"




    The operational rule or the the package will then be assigned to your device (group).


    B- Publish the package to a device or to the user and have the user install it himself:
    You'll find more information in the documentation or in the section 6B of the KA 000121358 if you do not know how to publish a package to a user or a device.




    - User variables and system variables like %USERPROFILE% must be written like this in steps and packages: ${USERPROFILE} , do not use "%" or it won't work.
    - Attention, there's a prerequisite at the moment: the user will need to have the right to write in the folder ../client/data/CustomInventory or it won't work. Please consider voting for this idea if want this to be improved.


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