Remedy Smart Reporting  - Sizing And Architecture Frequently Asked Questions

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 9.x


    • What is the recommended CPU, RAM and Database Size for the Smart Reporting Web Application?


    BMC Remedy Solution 9.1.02 Benchmarking Lab And Solution Deployment:

    Hardware requirements:

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What is the recommended CPU, RAM and Database Size for the Smart Reporting Web Application? 
      BMC>. 2 CPU cores at 2.2 GHz each, 12 GB RAM
    1. How many AR Servers should be deployed (for the JDBC connection) between the Smart Reporting (Yellowfin) application and the AR System Database?
      BMC>. Single Dedicated AR Server pointing to the Smart Reporting server
    1. How many should be deployed between the 2 clustered Smart Reporting  Web Servers and the actual ARSYSTEM Database? 
      BMC>.    Load Balancer - In cluster deployment should be enough.
    1. What resources (CPU and RAM) should be given to those (JDBC) AR Servers? 
      BMC>. It is all based on how much load you see onto the AR Server for Smart Reporting. In standard way, we see customer using the minimum 2 CPU cores at 2.2 GHz each, 12 GB RAM
    1. Do we install the full ITSM Suite and SRM applications on those AR Servers or can we get away with just installing AR System seeing as how they are just a JDBC pass through to the ARSYSTEM Database? 
      BMC>.You need not install the ITSM Suite or other application apart from AR server. As the dedicated AR server pointing to the Smart Reporting app will be part of server group and having the DB replication with the Primary AR server database
    1. Are there any recommendations on how to setup the "Threads" for these AR Servers to optimize them specifically for Smart Reporting?.
      BMC>. This server can initially be setup similar to a Small-size User Facing server and then adjust Memory and CPU based on Report and Data volume. 
                 You may refer to below Knowledge Article to categorize the Small/Medium/Large environments:
                    000114508 - REMEDY 9.x/18xx/19xx Release - CONFIGURATION CHECKLIST from the BMC R&D PERFORMANCE TEAM 


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