How to upgrade to Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R2

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    Track-it! 11.4


    How do I upgrade to Track-It! version 11.4 SP1 R2?



    • In order to upgrade to Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R2, you must be running Track-It! 11.4, 11.4 HF1, 11.4 HF2 or 11.4 HF3 or 11.4 SP1 R1
    • Please ensure that all technicians have closed Track-It! before running the 11.4 SP1 R2 installer. During installation several Track-It! services will be stopped.
    • It is HIGHLY recommended that the installer NOT be run through session based Remote Control tools such as Terminal Services and Remote Desktop. Running any installer in this manner may not properly register the necessary DLLs and may fail to enter needed registry entries on the server, which will generate errors when either Track-It! is run, or when attempting to perform certain functions in the application after the update has been applied.
    • Please run the installer from the Desktop of the Track-It! server. If the update installer is run from within the Track-It! folders themselves, it will see itself in use and will not allow the installation to proceed.
    • After installing the update, the Technician Client machines will see that a newer version is available and will install the new version automatically.
    • Use of local email client such as Outlook is no longer supported in Track-It! SP1 R1. Please see article 000111463 for more information.
       Please watch the video tutorial below to upgrade Track-It! to 11.4 SP1 R1

    Instructions :  
    1. Click Here to download Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R2 Update from the EPD (Electronic Product Downloads) page.
    3. After downloading the installer have everyone close Track-It!.
    5. On the Track-It! server, run the Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R2 update.
    7. When the Welcome screen appears, click Next
    9. Review the message about disconnecting the users who may still be in Track-It!, and then click Yes to continue.
    11. Review the license agreement and then click Yes.
    13. Review the important messages on the next screen and then click Next.
    15. If Track-It! Server and Track-It! Web are installed on the same server, the "Choose Destination Locations" window will list the paths for both folder locations. Leave both check boxes enabled and then click Next.

      If the machine you are running the update on only has Track-It! Server or Track-It! Web installed, make sure the appropriate box is checked, and then click Next.
    17. Click Yes if prompted to stop the IIS Admin service. This is to ensure that the files are not in use during the installation.
    19. If prompted for DB Administrator credentials, enter the SA username and password, or the credentials of a system administrator user for the database server, and then click Next.
    21. Choose whether a backup should be done before proceeding and then click Next. A backup of the Track-It! database and configuration files can be done in case you must roll back to the prior version.
    23. Click Next to begin the installation.
    25. Finally, click Finish on the final screen.
    27. Reboot the server if prompted to do so.
       When technicians run Track-It! Technician Client after the update has been applied, the client will automatically update.

    1. If Track-It! 11.x Web is installed on a separate server, make sure to run the Track-It! 11.4 SP1 R2 update installer on that server as well so that Web can be updated to the same version.
    3. Upgrade process will rebuild search indexes so you may unable to use search functionality till the search index process get completed. Time to complete the search indexes is depends on the size of Track-It! database.


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