How to manage core and logical CPU based licenses for virtual hosts with ADDM/Discovery ?

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.1


    Discovery 11.1 and below at least


    In certain cases, licenses are based on CPU cores or physical processors (even in the case of virtual systems or partitions). 

    For example:

    Regarding MS SQL 2012: 
    extract "To license each of these VMs in the Per Core licensing model, this customer must purchase a core license for each virtual core allocated to the VM."

    See also Windows 2012: 

    How to manage licenses in this case?


    If this is a problem for you, this is probably because you are using a tool that relies on CMDB data to manage licenses and the CMDB does not always contain the number of cores and/or number of logical CPUs in BMC_Processor.

    ADDM/Discovery 11.1 and below do not synchronize this attribute to the CMDB in the case of virtual hosts.
    Host cores_per_processor (only set for physical machines)
    Host num_logical_processors / num_processors (only set for physical machines)

    It is possible to customize the synchronization to sync cores_per_processor/num_logical_processors even in the case of virtual hosts, but it is simpler/safer to directly use the ADDM/Discovery data to manage licenses. 

    The best option is to use the Flexera Solution to manage licenses. See KA 000125356.

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