TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Management: Can Policies be applied to objects monitored by v7 agents?

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    Can Policies be applied to objects monitored by v7 agents?


    Policies can be applied to any objects, no matter if they are monitored with TMTM v8 agents or with BMTM v7 agents. However, there are some limitations with BMTM v7 agents:

    - BMTM v7 doesn't do WebSphere MQ object discovery, so new objects need to be added to the Object Repository using the Configuration Manager:
      - Expand the agent node in the Configuration Manager Tree to the "WebSphere MQ Objects" level
      - Right-click on "WebSphere MQ Objects"
      - Select Synchronize

    - BMTM v7 agents do not have the "Agent Description" attribute, so filtering by this attribute in the Agent Policy will not yield any results.

    - MQ Objects monitored by BMTM v7 agents cannot be registered for / unregistered from monitoring, neither by a Policy nor in the Object Repository. Registering has to be done manually in the Configuration Manager (up to v8.0.01) or by means of qpreg. Once registered for monitoring, Policies performing template associations (and the like) can be applied to also these objects.

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