TrueSight Middleware Administrator - Is it possible to schedule an export of a WebSphere MQ queue manager to a file on the server?

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    TrueSight Middleware Administrator BMC Middleware Management - Administration


    When scheduling a queue manager export, it is possible, to enable an email notification, which will send the export file of the queue manager as an attachment. However there does not appear to be an option to store the queue manager export in the file system on the TSMA server. Is there a way to achieve this?



    The queue manager export functionality is designed for manual user activity.  When running the export, the export file can be stored on the local desktop system where the web browser is running. Unless some sort of drive mapping has been configured, there is no way to store the export file on the TSMA server.

    TSMA can be configured to automatically create queue manager archives, however. These archives then can be stored on the TSMA server.

    TSMA will always generate a new archive file when scheduled, and only preserve it if there is a difference between it and the most recent file.  So no changes are missed, even if they are made using another tool.

    Please refer to the product documentation for further information on how to configure and use queue manager archives.

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