How to add new column on Overview Console.

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    How to get a custom field added on HPD:Help Desk form as a column on Overview Console?

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    SHR:OverviewConsole is a display only form which displays data from the view form SHR:Union_OverviewConsole. Therefore, in order to add a column to "SHR:OverviewConsole" we need to create the field on "SHR:Union_OverviewConsole". The view form "SHR:Union_OverviewConsole" fetches data from the database table U_Overview_Console and hence we will have to create a column in the  table "U_Overview_Console" to be able to add a field on "SHR:Union_OverviewConsole" form. For this we need make configuration on below forms:

    1) SHR:Union_DataSource_Fields : "Here we specify the column that is to be created in the source table "U_Overview_Console".
    Link :
    Note* OOTB or Custom Field, If a field label name has space, Ensure to replace space with underscore ex 

    2) SHR:Union_DataSource_FieldMappings : In this  form we map the column we created in step #1 with the  field which is to be added on "SHR:Union_OverviewConsole".
    Link :

    3) SHR:Union_ConfigurationConsole : Once Step #1 and Step #2 is completed we Build/Rebuild Database Union Structure which will actually create the column we configured in the database.

    here you may see the Timeout error, Please ignore the error. System completes the action and then given this error. Please wait for 5-10 minutes to reflect the changes and then follow step 4.

    4) Create the field on SHR:Union_OverviewConsole :  Once the column is created in the database table  "U_Overview_Console", we are allowed to create the field on "SHR:Union_OverviewConsole" form.

    Here After opening the SHR:Union_OverviewConsole form, please navigate to Menu : Form >>Add Fields from U_Overview_Console. It will open the add field window where you will find the desired field. Add the field and save the form.

    5) Add the field as a column on SHR:OverviewConsole : As soon as the field is added on the form SHR:Union_OverviewConsole we can simply add this field in the table field on "SHR:OverviewConsole" by modifying the mapping in Tree/Table Property of the table z2TH_ConsolidateTable1.

    Link :

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    NOTE: Field name
     cannot have a space in the name when using Oracle.


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