Client Management: migrate or clone any type of linux agent: the easy way

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    Any version of BCM installed on linux


    How can I move my BCM master to a new device?

    How can I move a regular agent or a relay to a different device?

    How can I clone my linux master to create a test environment?

    How can I clone my linux client or relay to create a test environment?




    It's not mandatory to reinstall an agent when you replacing the hardware of a device, there's a way to proceed so it's transparent for the system. This document will cover the easiest scenarios where the simplest method can be used to move the linux agent to a different linux device:
    - replacing the computer where a client or a relay is installed: the devices will have the same name than before
    - migrating the master to a different device and its database is on a different device
    In both cases the agent will be installed in the same path than previously


    Another document  covers a lot of situations but it can be a bit too complicated and it's more windows oriented.


    1- stop and deactivate the autostart of the service of the agent on the device you want to move from. The service should be named something like "BMCClientManagementAgent" if running a recent version of BCM - make sure there's no crontab or third party tool that'll restart the service automatically


    2- copy its install folder from the original device to the new device in the same path - default path is /usr/local/bmc-software/client-management/client for recent versions

    3- copy its BCM service file from the original device to the new device, is the same path or not - default path is /etc/init.d/BMCClientManagementAgent

    4- Master: if moving a master that connects to an oracle DB, then move the tnsnames.ora from the original device to the new device


    5- Master: If moving a master then install the DB connector corresponding to the database the master is connecting to - make the master can actually connect to the DB from this new device by using command line or a gui tool. It's not mandatory to install the same version of the DB connector as long as it's compatible with the BCM version of the master (check the prerequisites for this version) and with the version of the DB server.


    6- Master: if moving a master that connects to an oracle DB, then edit the BCM service file on the new device and make sure that the paths to oracle are good


    6- chmod +x the ../master/bin folder of the agent on the new device, if necessary


    7- chmod +x the service on the new device


    8- set this service to autostart. Eventually set a crontab that'll restart the service if it's down, depending on the version it is running, the agent is supposed to create this entry in the device crontab every time the service starts.


    8- start the service on the new device


    This will be transparent as the device will then have the same GUID than previously.



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