How do I resize MainView Historical datasets?

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    How do I resize MainView Historical datasets?


    If you want to keep the same dataset names and do not want to lose the most recent history, then use the following procedure:

    1) Using the DSLIST view, Find the data set with the oldest data.
    De-allocate the dataset using the D line command in DSLIST.

    2) Delete the data set and reallocate it with the required new size parameters.
    Remember to run the seed step after the IDCAMS allocation step.
    You can use the BBILIB member @@YZZ051 as a model to help you allocate and format historical data sets.
    Default customization creates three 30 cylinder data sets.
    Full details can be found in Chapter 3 of the MainView Customization Reference manual.

    3) Enter ADD on the command line in DSLIST and enter the data set name.

    Repeat this process for each data set. Assuming the data sets have the same names, the MainView PAS Procedure does not need to be changed.  

    When you allocate the new history data sets, make sure that the DATA component does not have a secondary allocation and that the INDEX component does have a secondary.  
    If the INDEX is too small and runs out of space and does not have a secondary, the history data set will become unusable and can produce unpredictable results when using MainView (this is a VSAM restriction).

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