How can I tell whether automation suppressed a message?

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    Some messages are not being written to the JES logs of batch jobs. These same messages are being written to the syslog, how can I tell whether these messages are being suppressed by automation?


    You could look to see if you have any Rules enabled to suppress the messages.
    If you are using AutoOPERATOR, AAOPRMxx is the BBPARM member that has the Rulesets listed that should be enabled at the COLD start.  

    In the SYSLOG, check the line for the messages that you are interested in.
    Look just before the message text. You will see a fullword of numbers.
    If the last number is a 4, that means 'automation handled it', meaning it was suppressed.

    Here's an example of our SYSLOG, showing that IEF404I is suppressed by something:

    N 0004000 SJSD     12046 09:40:03.91 STC06768 00000290  -CTTINIT           CTTINIT     00    664    292    .00    .00     .0  S              
                                             6140   0     0     0     0     0                                      
    N 0004000 SJSD     12046 09:40:03.92 STC06768 00000290  -CTTINIT           OPERCOMM FLUSH      0      0    .00    .00     .0  S              
                                               0   0     0     0     0     0                                       
    N 0000000 SJSD     12046 09:40:03.93 STC06768 000A0294  IEF404I CTTINIT - ENDED - TIME=09.40.03                               
    N 0004000 SJSD     12046 09:40:03.94 STC06768 00000290  -CTTINIT  ENDED.  NAME-                     TOTAL TCB CPU TIME=   .00 S              
                                             TOTAL ELAPSED TIME=    .0 

    Notice the 4 as the last digit in the word (000A0294) before the message text.

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