What documentation is available regarding the Visualizer database schema for the TSCO/BPA product?

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    • What documentation is available that describes the structure of the Visualizer database?
    • What documentation is available that describes the data in the Visualizer database, listing the available fields and the units those fields are reported in?
    • BMC Visualizer, 4.2.05,  4.2.04,  4.2.02,  4.2.00
    • Visualizer database



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    Section I: Visualizer data dictionary

       There are documents available that contains the Visualizer Data Dictionary available for download from the BMC FTP site:   
    TSCO version 10.5.00 and later/Visualizer 4.2.07ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/data_dictionary/10.5/BPA_schema_10.5.xls
    TSCO version 10.3.00/Visualizer 4.2.07ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/data_dictionary/10.3/BPA_schema_10.3.xls
    TSCO version 10.0.00/Visualizer 4.2.07ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/data_dictionary/10.0/BPA_schema_10.0.xls
    Perform version 9.5.02/Visualizer 4.2.07ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/data_dictionary/9.5.02/BPA_schema_9.5.02.xls
    Perform version 9.5.01/Visualizer 4.2.07ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/data_dictionary/9.5.01/BPA_schema_9.5.01.xls
    Perform version 9.0.00/Visualizer 4.2.07ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/data_dictionary/9.0.00/BPA_schema_9.0.xls
    Perform version 7.5.10/Visualizer 4.2.06ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/data_dictionary/7.5.10/BPA_schema_7.5.10.xls
    Perform version 7.5.00/Visualizer 4.2.05 RC4+ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/data_dictionary/7.5.00/BPA7.5_SCHEMA.zip
    Perform version 7.4.10/Visualizer 4.2.04ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/data_dictionary/7.4.10-4.2.04/BPA_schema_Rev_1.doc
    Perform version 7.4.10/Visualizer 4.2.04ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/data_dictionary/7.4.10-4.2.04/BPA_schema_Rev_1.xls
    Perform version 7.4.10/Visualizer 4.2.04
    (Including VMware and MS Virtual Server tables)

    Perform version 7.5.00/Visualizer 4.2.05 RC4+

    The BPA7.5_SCHEMA.zip contains 8 different files:   
    • BPA schema 7.5.00.doc -- Metric descriptions for the most commonly used tables in the Visualizer database (Word format); also shows a diagram of the relationships (links) between tables in Section 1.1
    • BPA schema 7.5.00.xls -- Metric descriptions for the most commonly used tables in the Visualizer database (Excel format)
    • Table Mapping documents -- Mappings between the fields in the Perform version 7.4.10 schema tables and the new tables added to Perform version 7.5.00. For all platforms except VMware both the old tables and the new tables will be populated in the Perform version 7.5.00 schema. For VMware nodes data will only be populated into the new tables in the database.       
      • Table Mapping AIX.xls -- Mappings for AIX partition machines
      • Table Mapping HP.xls -- Mappings for HP-UX partition machines
      • Table Mapping MSVS.xls -- Mappings for Microsoft Virtual Server machines
      • Table Mapping Solaris.xls -- Mappings for Solaris partition machines
      • Table Mapping Stand Alone.xls -- Mappings for standalone systems
      • Table Mapping VMware.xls -- Mappings for VMware machines

    Section II: Database schema documents

       There is an HTML document that describes the Visualizer schema available for download from the BMC FTP site. For technical reasons this document is no longer being created for Visualizer 4.2.05 and later.   
    Perform version 7.4.10/Visualizer 4.2.04ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/rel4204/schema/schema.zip
    Perform version 7.4.00/Visualizer 4.2.02ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/rel4202/schema/schema.zip
    Perform version 7.3.00/Visualizer 4.2.00ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/rel4200/schema/schema.zip

    The complete schema is also described in the \[Visualizer Installation Dir]\odbca200.txt file. This lists all the fields available and the units but is more difficult to read because it is a text file that is used by the product itself to describe the database structure. 

    Perform version 7.5.10/Visualizer 4.2.06ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/rel4206/schema/odbca200.txt
    Perform version 7.5.00/Visualizer 4.2.05ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/rel4205/schema/odbca200.txt
    Perform version 7.4.10/Visualizer 4.2.04ftp://ftp.bmc.com/pub/visualizer/rel4204/schema/odbca200.txt






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