Remedy - Mid Tier - How to perform a Hard Cache flush for Mid Tier

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Midtier version 7.x 8.x and 9.x


    Although it is recommended to use the Flush Cache or Sync Cache buttons in the Midtier Config tool to reset cache, Support may suggest a hard cache flush.   Here is the procedures to do this:



    Before hard flushing the cache, attempt the following (continue if after performing a step the problem remains)  
    1. Delete browser cache and try to load the form again  
    2. Log into config.jsp,  go into config_cache_cleanup.jsp and delete the individual form cache (only available in version 9x, and forward)  
    3. Sync the cache (button on config_cache.jsp)  
    4. Flush the cache (button on config_cache.jsp)  
    5. Stop tomcat and delete the cache folder (keep the viewstats.Dat,)   
    6 If every previous step has failed proceed to gather the following evidence  
    Hard flushing the cache will impact mid-tier performance as cache would be emptied, but also as viewStats.dat is cleared the cache rebuilt may not be as useful as with viewStats.dat  
    Performing a hard cache flush should be done after collecting the following evidence  
    1. Enable log categories on mid-tier: Cache, Performance, Servlet, Internal. Set log level to fine and log format detail text  
    2. Clear browser cache and collect a replayable fiddler log showing the problem  
    3. Note down the view, user and groups used to replicate the problem. Groups may be gathered from the User record and or CTM:People form  
    4. Go to config_cache_adv.jsp page and copy the table labeled "View Building Information"  
      5. Proceed to hard flushing the cache

    Steps to perform hard cache flush 
    1. Stop Tomcat (Jsp Engine) Service.
    3. Clear out the contents of the 'work', 'temp' & 'logs' folders inside Tomcat X.X folder     
      1. Work folder and other temp folders are mostly needed when code changes have happened such as deploying a new patch, hotfix or version. If  cache is getting flushed but no other component is getting updated, this step is optional.
    5. Clear out the contents of the 'cache', 'cachetemp', 'attstore' and 'logs' folders present inside the Mid-Tier folder.
    7. Delete 'viewStats.dat' and 'viewStats.dat.bak' from <Mid-Tier folder>\WEB-INF\Classes and/or WEB-INF\classes\viewServerStats if present
    9. Start the Tomcat (Jsp Engine) Service.
    11. Clear browser cache/cookies/etc completely.  


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