I have lost the Atrium Single Signon Password for amadmin, I have to reinstall ASSO, but how do I keep my configuration?

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    BMC Atrium Single Sign On


    The password to the Atrium amadmin account is lost. I know there is no way to recover it and will have to resinstall, but how do I keep my ASSO configuration so I don't have to reconfigure Authentications and Agents again?


    The following procedure does not gurantee you won't have to redeploy the agent or reconfigure the authentications again.

    1. Before remove the current install of ASSO back up the following directory

    Also back up the keystore file you will find its location in the tomcat server's server.xml file on the ASSO server

    2. Uninstall Atrium SSO

    3. Re-install Atrium SSO and put the keystore file back (the keystore should be valid for this installation since its the same server)

    4. Stop the ASSO tomcat service and place the backed up db directory into \AtriumSSO\tomcat\webapps\atriumsso\WEB-INF\config\opends\

    5. Restart ASSO tomcat service.

    6. Login to the ASSO admin console and you should see the previous configurations listed.


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